Again & Again

by The Highway Thieves

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Kirstie Too many to choose from on this one, again and again, Bob zeppelin love the end, and hot dreams. Love em all Favorite track: In Being Lonely.
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The Highway Thieves are:
Jon Turner-vocals-guitar-harmonica, Bill Bitner-saxophones-flute-wind synth-harmonica, Kyler Lewis-keys-organ, Morgan Thomas-lead guitar, Jesse Hodshire-bass, Matt Johnson-drums, Devin Turner-vocals

*These sessions were funded entirely by the kind folks at Digital Smoke!


released October 3, 2016

Again & Again, Bob Zeppelin & In Being Lonely written and performed by The Highway Thieves.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by
Mike Sasich and Greg Shaw at "Man Vs. Music Studios" SL,UT
Produced by JonTurner, Bill Bitner and Mike Sasich
Brought to YOU by the wonderful humans at Digital Smoke
Artwork by Morgan Thomas

Copyright 2016 The Highway Thieves



all rights reserved


The Highway Thieves Ogden, Utah

The Highway Thieves are a soulful whiskey folk rock septet from Ogden, Utah. Taking inspiration from every available perspective while constantly learning, growing and evolving. Passionate people making passionate music for passionate people. Cause if your friends don't dance... ... more

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Track Name: In Being Lonely
We started out so perfect
Oh they said it will be worth it
I guess, we'll have to wait and see
I love you in the morning time
And your afternoon's so pretty but
Tonight's hell bent to change my mind
I guess I'll blame that on the city

All my life, I've been waiting
All my life, after all this time
It feels good to know that I'm not alone
In being lonely

Waiting on a train to come
And take my pain away
Moonshine's singing softly songs
Of better yesterdays
Starlight twinkles breaking through
The darkness overhead
My heart stops to think of you
But just skips a beat instead

Waiting for tonight to pass
Just like a kidney stone
These dreams keep bringing people back
That we both know are gone
Track Name: Bob Zeppelin
She was hotter than the devil and the desert put together
I was cold and alone in the middle of december
with a one way ticket to nowhere on my mind
Sitting at the bar I caught her looking at me
So I cocked back a smile when she shot me a wink
I never hesitate to make a stupid mistake
So I got out my wallet bought a couple of drinks as I say...
We should talk for a while
Maybe you and I, can find the reason why I'm feeling like I'm hearing...

Bright Eyes, when I look into your eyes
It's like tonight it the first night of my life
Like an old Tom Pettty line, that's steady been on my mind
Even the loosers, get lucky some times
Got me singing Dave Mathews, bare boned and crazy for you
Crash into me, Crash on...crash on into me

The wreck was much more messy than I ever intended it get
And now my head is left to wrestle the shit that she said
Then she said, “Sssshhhh” as she wept
And proceeded to put me to death with the secrets she kept
That I guess she just needed to get off her chest
She said I lacked ambition
Said I'm never gonna win
And she won't be coming back again...
She's going to California... just like

Led Zeppelin, the way that she left when
The well had run dry, when the well had run dry
All she ever did was, burnt up all of my good stuff
And drank all of my wine, she drank all of my wine
I felt like Bob Seager, when I figured out we were
Just using each other, simply killing some time
I'm bent like Bob Marley, sick of being broken hearted
No woman no cry... No, no, oh no baby don't...

Best said by Ben Folds, she's a brick and I'm drowning slow
Now that I've found someone, I'm feeling more alone than I ever have before
I'm telling you, the words of Collin Hay are true
That I just don't think, that I'll ever...get over...

YOOOOOOU, you, so over you, my God I think I am finally over you, so over you, oh over you, come on now crash on crash on into me!!!
Track Name: Again & Again
An eye for, an island, And I would gladly give you mine
Blinded, as I've been, By neon signs and pretty lights

And now we ask ourselves just where it all went wrong
You know I've never had the sense to say when
Two lives are bound together by one promise and two rings
But these three words we speak go way over our heads...again and again

We act for, reactions, The mirror keeps yelling back at me
These plastic, distractions, We lock our cells and sell the keys


Again and again...

And now I ask myself what the hell is going on
You see it seems I've seen this scene somewhere before

I could'a been, I would'a been, I should'a been a better man
It takes time, to realize, Some things are better never said

…So familiar
Oh love, you silly sentimental thing, I think I sing to see myself in your eyes
Oh love, you fragile temperamental thing, I can't bring myself to ever say goodbye
After all this time...You're still buried in the back of my mind